Plenty Mango


Postcards from the Caribbean

Written by Sarah Dickinson

Illustrated by John Renton


Now available Kindle, paperback and audio formats.


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PLENTY MANGO tells the story of the island’s struggle for survival through the eyes of SARAH DICKINSON who, with her architect husband John, had moved to the island to follow a dream of building luxury Caribbean style villas.

This is West Indian life as you may never have seen it before. An intimate portrait of the island’s peoples. There’s Honey Lady Cynthia, ‘Moose’ and his honesty bar, Sir George Martin and his Air Studios, the tiler who brews his very own mango ‘poteen’, Victor’s garage that sells Bibles alongside brake pads and the goat herd who heard the mountain ‘groanin’ many months before the volcano blew.

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“Just spent a v indulgent few hours reading your book this afternoon..

LOVED IT!!!  Didn’t want it to end!

And I loved the illustrations, with little clues for those of us…”

“Well done – I have only read the first couple of ‘postcards’ but I already know I am going to love it.  

I am completely full of admiration of your brilliant writing.”

“Sarah Dickinson paints expressive word pictures of life in that unique community, her postcards embellished with illustrations by her husband, John… this is a very evocative treasury of observations on important events on the island.”
“…this a charming book, full of real life stories and delightful illustrations. Highly recommended.” – Amazon Review
“The ‘postcards’, with evocative illustrations, slip down as easily as mango rum.” – Amazon Review
You’ll meet some of the ex-pats who love to party with the excuse ‘hell, it’s six o’clock somewhere in the world.’

‘Jumbie’ ghosts are everywhere, as are the Masquerade dancers, whose vibrant costumes and heady rhythms take you back in time.

You’ll join in the St. Patrick’s Day week-long Festival, held to celebrate Montserrat’s unique association with Ireland and you won’t be able to resist taking part in the ‘jump up’.

Despite the hardship and uncertainty, Montserratians remain optimistic. They never say ‘goodbye’, rather ‘I go to come back’, which is what I hope you’ll want to do with this book.

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Sarah has written two reference books “HOW TO TAKE ON THE MEDIA” and “EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION” and two novels, “A SLICE OF LIME”, a comedy set in the Caribbean, and “CROCODILE CLIPS”, a satire based on the early days of an all-speech commercial radio station. She has a collection of short stories “MELODY” and two travel books, “ZEBRAS ON THE RUNWAY” and “PLENTY MANGO – Postcards from the Caribbean”, which is illustrated by her husband, the architect and painter John Renton.

Before setting up Electric Airwaves and Ladbroke Radio, Sarah was well-known as a radio and television presenter, on programmes as diverse as “GOING PLACES” with Barry Norman and “THE NIGHT IS YOUNG” with Tony Palmer on LBC.

Sarah and John have two grown up sons and four grandchildren and divide their time between the Caribbean island of Montserrat and London.

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