Police Escort

A very happy New Year to you all.

I am back once again with some news, thoughts and new post especially for you to help clear away the mid-January blues and spread a little sunshine into all our lives.

Firstly the news, work is well under-way for my next title! Following on from your kind words and reviews for Plenty Mango I am working away on Plenty More Mango which I hope you will all find just as amusing, engrossing and thought provoking as Plenty Mango. Watch this space to hear more about it. There are lots of ideas bubbling away so stay tuned.

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The World’s Smallest Book Festival

“I’m collecting nick names.” I shiver, despite the suffocating heat inside Montserrat’s Cultural Centre, where the world’s smallest book festival is being held, at the thought of all those spine-chilling experiences.
“Most of men’s nick names are due to the size of their penis. You know ‘whopper’ don’t you?”

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“Just leave the package with Lee’s Pharmacy,” this from Rose Willock, Montserrat’s most famous radio voice. A woman blessed with a honey slaked voice and an enthusiasm for life that inspired a generation of Montserratians to withstand the ravages of a volcano which had lain dormant for over four hundred years.

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